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joe." great to have you with us. president bill clinton arrives in north korea. he's on a mission to help bring americans that are being held there. we'll be following that throughout the morning and throughout the day. absolutely fascinating story. we'll keep you up on it.
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with us here, mike barnicle, willie geist. we've got pat buchanan. i saw pat last night on hardball. >> who doesn't love pat? >> the guys on hardball last night. i tell you what, between chris matthews and -- first of all, looks like they are trying to use this bercher, you didn't get time to talk last night. >> i thought it came off fine. the birthers have been affirmed by all this publicity they have been getting. >> that's the first thing can you do in politics, if you can find some crazy people on the other side, you jump up and down and yell and point and say look at the crazy nuts on the other side.

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